Dare to dream. 

Your hopes,dreams and desires matter.


What is a Life Reading? 

A Life Reading is a unique and valuable chance to gain insight and clarity on the areas of your life that feel uncertain, worrisome or unclear to you. Your reading is done through Meditation where I connect with your spirit from that space

.A Reading can provide clarity and insight into old Beliefs, blocks, patterns that are shaping your life’s issues.

You will gain insight into how these beliefs influence your life in present time.

You begin to understand why your life is the way that it is.

With that information you then have the ability to change and become a co creator of your destiny.


Detailed Intuitive Readings and Life Coaching Sessions via phone or in Person. 

Relationships, Partner emotions/ Communication, How to call in a partner, Career, Life purpose, Health. 

All Readings delivered with Confidentiality, integrity and Compassion.

An energetic healing will be performed at the end of the Reading reconnecting you mind,body and spirit.

Space will be created within. You can manifest more abundantly in your life.

You will feel energized, peaceful, lighter.

W​​hat people have to say..

"I got referred to Carmel from a friend and the experience was profound. 

She could see into the deepest part of what I felt was my soul! 

I have never been seen like that and I got a sense of what true power is.

felt empowered and at peace at the same time! 

She was so accurate in reading my relationship, family issues, job and at the end I felt ready to embrace my life without my struggles."

Thanks you Carmel- I will never forget you for this gift you have given me.

~Flora B