"You are the creator and your life in fulfillment is your work of art".


Meet Carmel

 Everyone has a story. Welcome to mine!

I am a practicing Post Anesthesia Nurse in San Francisco Bay area.

Some of my well practiced spiritual specialties include Health coaching, Psychic Readings, Chakra Healings, Reiki, Trancendental Meditation for 20 years plus, Alexander Technique, Ayruvedic Medicine/Herbs and currently Functional Medicine Practitioner in training. 

Areas of Interest include gut and hormonal health and its role in root causes of disease. 

Using food/ herbal support as your medicine.

I believe the greatest wealth is Health. 

Health of mind,body and spirit. 

A feeling of vitality, wholeness, joy, magic!

When one is at peace with self. 

All is well in the world.

I have been attracted to the mystical world and on a spiritual path since my teenage years growing up in Western Ireland. 

My time was dedicated to exploring Eastern/ Western healing modalities and spirituality. This led me to live in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, New York and ultimately the SF bay Area.

I was learning about myself, life and seeking answers to the mystical that is beyond our physical senses.

  I had an innate understanding of the spiritual world  beyond the norm from a young age. 

When asked about my Clairvoyance, I always had an organic “knowing” about things. 

In my earlier life, I did not quite understand it, I just knew it to be true when I was guided by it. 

For the most part this knowing led to a lot of invalidation, doubt and fear as it led me on paths that were different to my family and friends. 

It was only when I turned inward and trusted I knew this was to be part of my journey.

This gift was honed following a six week meditation course which led to a comprehensive two year intensive training of my Clairvoyance and Psychic abilities. 

As an eternal student of Health of Mind, Body and Spirit, I would like to share this gift with you.

Sessions range from 30-90 minutes and can be conducted by phone or in person in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Referrals are world wide and throughout the United States. 

Contact for appointment  via email or on scheduling page. 

Psychic Readings and Spiritual guidance will bring clarity, peace and potential new paths to those in need via loved ones, spirit guides, helpers and angel guides.

 Steps needed to regain physical and emotional balance will be shown to you. 

A sense of Peace will be restored within.

 A healer does not heal you. 

A healer is someone who hold's space for you while you awaken your inner healer,

So that you may heal yourself- Maryam Hasnaa